Spooky Halloween Spider Web Snowflake Decoration

Get in the Halloween spirit with this super easy spider web decoration! It's made of aluminum foil and construction paper, so chances are you have everything you need on hand. Let's get snippin'! 


At our house, we LOVE to decorate for fall. I'll admit that we carved our first pumpkins on September 1st, and are now on our 3rd batch of carvings. We've made spooky banners, ghosts and zombies, leaf rubbings, pumpkin faces... the walls are covered with construction paper at this point. BUT we haven't made anything snowflake-related until this morning (shocking, I know!) when I woke up with the inspiration for this spider web snowflake. 

I like this craft because it's very quick, pretty easy, and the materials are probably already in your house somewhere. There are a couple tricky parts relating to the folding & unfolding of the aluminum foil, but otherwise this is a very kid-friendly craft. 

You will need: 
- A square of aluminum foil
- Blue and black construction paper
- Sharp scissors
- Glue stick 

1) First cut your aluminum foil square so it is slightly smaller than your construction paper. 

2) Fold the aluminum foil in 1/2 (short sides together), and then in 1/2 again (creating a rectangle). Fold the two folded sides of the paper together, creating a sharp point (your paper will now look like a triangle). Finally, fold this triangle in 1/3s - creating a long, skinny triangle with a sharp point. Press down on the creases so it's nice & flat. Folding can be tricky and you will want to help out your kids the first time. 

3) Cutting the foil is very easy, but it is helpful to have scissors with a sharp tip. You will cut from the side where you can see the layers of folds, toward the side that has the single fold. Cut out little rectangles that swoop up slightly. Be careful to leave enough space along the fold that you won't cut all the way through the foil. Trim the top of the snowflake so it follows the swoops and makes a nice point (higher on the side with the single fold). 


4) To make the spider, cut out a small square of black construction paper and fold it in 1/2, then in 1/2 again. Cut a rounded little spider body with two legs. When you unfold the paper, you'll have a spooky eight-legged spider friend! 

5) The trickiest part of this craft is unfolding the aluminum foil! Go SLOWWWWWWWWLY and work from the top points down toward the middle. The foil can rip easily if you are too eager. The first folds will come apart easily, and the final fold is where the foil will tend to stick together. Once you have completely unfolded the spider web snowflake, gently press it flat and smooth out any stuck spots. 

6) Using your glue stick, glue the foil spider web (shiniest side up!) onto your blue construction paper. Glue your spider on the web and give him some eyeballs if you'd like (I used a metallic silver marker for the eyes). 

7) Trim the excess paper from around the spider web and VOILA! You have another adorable crafty project to tape to the walls :) Plus this one is shiny, and who doesn't love a little bling? 


Some other ideas to think about if you have the supplies: 
- Give the spider spooky eyes with glow in the dark paint or googly eyes
- Use glitter glue to create sparkly dew drops on the spider web
- Mount the spider web on a glittery background paper, or on a painted starry night background
- Make a bunch of spider webs and hang them in the corners of your doorways (in my house you'd have to remove the real spider webs first! :)  

Hope you enjoy this craft and have a happy Halloween!